April 15, 2020

Easing of booking conditions, Sailing school in the Mediterranean, Atlantic and West Indies, etc

What about Atlantic crossing ?
Available with or without a skipper next automn and spring, our POGO & RM sailing boats are specially equipped for atlantic crossing : hydrogenerator, satellite phone, Iridium communication and tracking, routing software, individual beacons, grab bag, offshore pharmacy kits, spare parts, etc.
You can embark on your own or with your crew, and take part in rallies such as the ARC, the Rallye des Îles du Soleil, the Atlantic Back Cruising, etc.
Come surf with us the big swell of the open sea, a really nice experience !


Recent and performant sailing boats rental
with or without skipper


Sailing school for everyone
in the Mediterranean, Atlantic and West Indies


After a busy sailing school season in the Caribbean this winterOpen Sail offers you, at the end of the confinement training courses between Marseille and CannesCorsica and SardiniaSpainBrittanyScilly and England, with the same objective : to make you autonomous on a sailboat !
Easing of booking conditions
Given the situation Open Sail offers on your next boat rental or sailing course :
  • deferral without charge 
  • reduction of deposit fees from 50% to 30%
  • discount of -10% for all booking before May 11, 2020


Open sail sailing yachts are available in different bases :
Don’t hesitate to ask for a one-way !